"I cannot thank you enough for your excellent newsletter.

I am 55 and am currently working as a contractor in Saudi Arabia. I will go on early retirement in a year and at the moment I am trading in penny stocks. I ONLY go for your picks and they have paid off great so far.

I feared my life as a retiree will be boring but I do believe I have found a new hobby (and a well paying one, at that), thanks to you!

Naturally not all our picks were winners but you are honest enough to acknowledge this as well. However, at the moment over 80% of my picks (your picks) paid off well and my subscription to your newsletter has paid itself already.

A few months ago I sold ETRM for $1.14. Bought it for $0.82. Maybe I should have waited because this one is over $2.00 at the moment. Ah well.. we can't be greedy here. For me selling at $1.14 was 'Take the money and run'.

Thanks again Mr. Schlieben. You're my hero. I'll go with your picks only. That's a promise."

—B.K. (Contractor in Saudi Arabia)

"I renewed. I am very pleased with the service you provide. If you ever need a testimonial from just an average guy who invests once or twice a month (only the stocks represented by your newsletter) please let me know. I would be happy to do so."

—M.G. (Fairview, OR)

"I have greatly enjoyed your biweekly editorials and stock picks, count me in for a renewal."

—Z.C. (Plattsburgh, NY)

"I had tremendous success with your newsletter many years ago. Then, I went off to start and run businesses. Now, I am starting to watch stocks again, and I was glad to see that you are still doing what you do. I am looking forward to learning a lot. Thank You!"

—R.V. (Greenville, SC)
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