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Since 1996, over 70% of our closed positions have been for gains of 50% or greater. We have done this year after year. That is probably why we are the only penny stock site that is recommended by both Barron's and Forbes.

You have all heard about how Microsoft and Xerox started as penny stocks. Also, no doubt, you have heard the horror stories about periodic penny stock scams. The real truth about penny stocks falls somewhere in between these extremes. In reality, many penny stock companies are making a serious effort to succeed. Yes, investing in them is not for wimps. However, I believe you can minimize the risks, AND MAKE SOME SERIOUS MONEY.

My name is George Schlieben (pronounced sh-lee-ben) and during the 1980s I published a wide assortment of periodicals such as Penny Stock Preview, Low Priced Stock Digest, Penny Stock Magazine, and Speculators Magazine. In 1996, I launched this online Newsletter, Global Penny Stocks.

Before continuing, please click onto our TRACK RECORD and study it closely. You will see that about 70% of our closed positions have had very significant gains. We have also suffered some pretty hefty losses, which, if dabbling in penny stocks, are something you need to expect. Actually, that speaks true of any equity investment.

If you are looking for a quick overnight hit, then you are at the wrong web site. Regardless of the hype at the other sites, you need to have some patience. All of the companies listed on our Track Record were in our portfolio anywhere from six weeks to eighteen months, or longer. We currently have about 60 open positions in our Newsletter portfolio and are constantly adding new ones. By subscribing now, you will have access to a wide variety of recommendations that I believe could turn into very exciting opportunities.

You will find that this Newsletter is not in lock step with a particular industry group. We feature companies in hitech, the Internet, biotech, mining, basic manufacturing, energy, transportation, gaming, health care, etc. By the way, we DO NOT receive a fee from companies recommended in the Newsletter.

How do we evaluate companies and then recommend them to you? Honestly, there is no one ironclad rule poured into concrete. Sometimes we pick a company based mainly on the fundamentals, i.e. revenues and earnings. Or maybe a company just has a unique product or service and a great story to tell. Or perhaps a company is in a hot industry group. And, occasionally, for kicks and giggles, we will have a recommendation that is just raw speculation. And yes, we give target prices on all recommendations.

Now, about minimizing risks. All of our stock picks trade at under $5.00 a share. Many even trade at under $1.00. But, most of them are listed on the NYSE, AMEX, or NASDAQ. By focusing primarily on LISTED PENNY STOCKS, we are better able to track them, and feel a certain element of security in knowing that the companies had to meet certain financial criteria before being listed by the exchanges.

One final note. Any stock that trades at under $5.00 is a Penny Stock. That is basically the definition used by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Some will tout them as "Micro Cap", or "Emerging Growth" to sweeten them up and cause investors to get lulled asleep. We are ethical about it. That's why we call ourselves PENNY STOCKS.

Thank you,
George Schlieben, Publisher

P.S. Give us a try for a COUPLE OF YEARS. Subscribe Today!

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