"Penny Stocks for your Thoughts"

Excerpts from Barron's, April 22, 2002...

"Penny Stocks for your Thoughts"
by Kathy Yakal

Some stocks start out as penny stocks, and others have that distinction thrust upon them. We'll skip over the latter, such as Enron or Global Crossing, and concentrate on sites that cover small, cheap stocks that trade for about five bucks or less.

While there are lots of these stocks, very few Websites cover them.... Such is the case with Global Penny Stocks, a site we first encountered in 1997. It's continued to grow and improve, although its scope is narrow. Global Penny Stocks does two things: It maintains a portfolio of penny stocks and issues a twice-monthly advisory on related companies. Prior to this online venture, site creator George Schlieben produced the small cap publications Penny Stock Preview and Low Priced Stock Digest. Global Penny Stocks now offers 40 to 50 stock buys annually.

Schlieben doesn't own securities in featured companies, and believes so strongly in long-haul investing that he offers a second year free, after a first-year subscription fee of $89. Anyone serious about pennystock investing should have a subscription to Global Penny Stocks. This is no fly-by-night site.

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