Our New Proven Strategy - Channeling

Since our inception nearly twenty years ago, we have made over 900 stock picks, and have had very good results. To even better improve upon our performance, we recently began "double dipping" or channeling many of our previous winners. Channeling is when you sell a stock for a gain, and then revisit it if there is a drop in share price. This has been the history of many small stocks, regardless of their promising products or their fundamentals. They will have huge upturns, and, then, inexplicably sell off. And this has also been the case of many of our previous winners.

So, around the end of 2013, we started to reconnect with some of these, and, so far, the results have exceeded our expectations. Some of these companies you will notice have appeared in the Track Record multiple times, such as Amicus Therapeutics, Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Sequenom, and Oncothyreon are all winners, AGAIN! And with gains of between 50% and 73%!

We have even gone back to some of these picks a third time and found even more success! So, we are making it a point to search for past winners that have fallen and now look poised for another rebound. And, it is our aim to do this nearly every month; and, yes you will know which stocks these are. By the way, we currently have nearly a dozen of these second and third timers in our Current Portfolio.

If you have some patience, there is a good chance to profit from this "Channeling" strategy. Don't be one of those people who look back a few years from now and say, "If only I had bought that when it was......"

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