Q: How much of my money should I designate to these speculative situations?
A: Keep your sanity - no more than 10% to 12%. You don't bet the house, maybe the kitchen.

Q: Why not just let a mutual fund do this for me?
A: Go ahead. This newsletter is for investors who prefer to do their own trading.

Q: When do you sell?
A: Since our crystal ball is just as clear as the next person's, we do not have a canned answer. We do not marry companies. Once again, every situation is different. If we "feel" a stock can double or triple, we will stay with it. If it looks as if we will only garner 10% to 20%, that's fine too. Conversely, if we goofed, we take the loss and move on.

Q: Why do you avoid Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet stocks?
A: Most of them have very little liquidity, and are ignored by many investment houses. These companies also are all too often the victims of PUMP and DUMP schemes whereby a "guru" will pick up a large block of stock, hype it to the public, and then dump it while people are buying the shares. Many penny stock sites engage in this practice. We DO NOT.

Q: Where do I buy penny stocks?
A: Through a stock broker. There are many online brokerage sites who will trade penny stocks.

Q: Do you automatically renew my subscription when it comes time for renewal?
A: NO! We know that many sites engage in this dubious and unethical practice, but we don't. When your subscription is due for renewal, we will send you a notice, then, you decide.

As I said somewhere above, Penny Stocks are not for everyone, but we have gone to great lengths to make them "somewhat safer" and fun. Sure, you'll have the rollercoaster rides, but maybe, just maybe, because of Global Penny Stocks, you will hit a few grand slam homeruns. The only way to know is to fill out the subscription form and mail it today!

Thank you, George Schlieben.

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